Further details of Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone emerge

Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 at 11:27 am by Andy
PlayStation Phone

Is this the PlayStation phone?

An online video showing what is claimed to be the PlayStation Phone has been published, refreshing media interest in this secretive Sony Ericsson project.

The video was captured by a Greek insider and it now seems that the Sony Ericsson smartphone might ditch the PlayStation or PSP branding, in favour of a simpler, non-console related moniker. According to Techblog.gr it will be known as the Sony Ericsson Z1.

The video is decidedly lacking in hard, clear evidence that this is the same smartphone that appeared in leaked images last month, but it seems to have a large display that would be in keeping with the four inch screen of the rumoured handset.

Some are now speculating that despite the lack of official specs or information, the Sony Ericsson Z1 could be launching in tandem with Android 2.3. That means it could be on the market as soon as the 9th of December.

On the flip side, this poor quality footage could simply depict a clever fake or a forged handset which Asian manufacturers have created to benefit from the surge of interest in the PlayStation phone which has had audiences worldwide rapt.

Check out the video yourself below: