HTC in ‘death grip’ signal loss accusations

Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 6:38 pm by Andy

HTC HD7Just months after Apple had to admit that the iPhone 4 suffers from imperfect reception when held in the so-called ‘death grip,’ resulting in dropped calls and lost connections, HTC has come under fire for precisely the same reasons.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has become the subject of critical videos on YouTube, which purport to show its new Windows Phone 7 based HD7 smartphone failing to retain its signal when the user holds it by the base.

HTC released a statement to defend its position, explaining that it endeavours to make sure that internal antennas are positioned so as to minimise the chance of the signal being blocked when the phone is in use.

The statement went on to say that signal loss is unavoidable in most cases, because any kind of obstruction from a user’s hands and face, will result in diminished signal strength. In average situations with decent signal strength, HTC believes that its handsets perform on a par with other manufacturers’ smartphones.

The HTC HD7 is one of the flagship Windows Phone 7 devices, launching in the UK last month and sporting a large 4.3 inch touchscreen display that makes it the technical equal of the Android-based Desire HD.