LG waivers on Android 2.3 updates for Optimus range

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 9:30 am by Andy
LG Optimus One

Android 2.3?

This week LG caused quite a stir when it used its social networking presence to state that entry level Android-based handsets like the Optimus One, would not be getting an update to bring their firmware up to version 2.3.

Initially, the firm stated that the reason behind this was that, with a 600MHz processor, the Optimus One is simply not powerful enough to meet what it called Android 2.3’s minimum specs requirement.

LG said that Android 2.3 required at least a 1GHz processor to run, which excludes all of the Optimus range from getting an update.

However, various experts used Twitter to point out that Google has not imposed any kind of minimum specs list upon Android 2.3, causing LG to reassess its earlier statements.

In effect the South Korean manufacturer admitted that it had been too hasty in stating that Android 2.3 would not run on a 600MHz processor and said that it would be waiting to see the contents of the Compatibility Definition Document which Google will publish shortly, before it makes any decisions. That means the LG Optimus One and its stable mates could eventually get Android 2.3.