Low cost Android 2.3 handset launched by ZTE

Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 10:38 am by Andy
ZTE Skate

The ZTE Skate

Chinese mobile manufacturer ZTE has had some slow burning, budget smartphone hits of late and it has plumbed this income into creating the new Skate handset, which offers big-screen Android 2.3 thrills for those with limited cash.

The ZTE Skate gets its name because of its rounded edges and skateboard-esque looks. It has a 4.3 inch touchscreen display and a matte coat on the rear, so that it will not slip out of your hand and get damaged by a fall.

In terms of specs, it has a five megapixel camera with flash, an 800MHz processor and what looks to be a vanilla Android interface, which means there are no flashy features that you might expect to see on a handset from Samsung or HTC.

Given its slightly poky processor, it is clear to see that ZTE is still gunning for the bottom end of the market. However, this is no bad thing, since it will allow many more users to enjoy a display that is as large as the HTC Desire HD, or the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S2, without paying extortionate monthly contract fees and one-off costs to cover the high end tech.