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  1. Posted on Monday, December 6th, 2010 at 9:48 am by Andy

    Motorola OlympusThe iPhone 4 was leaked to the media by an unfortunate Apple technician earlier in the year and now Motorola has suffered the same fate/been blessed with the same amount of publicity, after its Olympus smartphone was nabbed by an outsider.

    The Motorola Olympus was leaked into the wild and appeared in detailed shots via Gizmodo, where all of its dual-core goodness was exposed.

    Onboard, Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor is said to oversee proceedings, with Android 2.2 running onboard and a high end camera likely to be on the rear as implied by the presence on an HDMI output.

    It is unclear whether the Motorola Olympus will have a four inch display or a 3.7 inch alternative and this is just one of the specs which has not yet been confirmed, but expect to see more information emerge in the coming weeks as further leaks are likely.

    It is exciting to see the new high end handsets emerging and the Motorola Olympus is just one of the smartphones that will make 2011 another progressive year in the market. We can only hope that it ends up in the UK with mainstream network backing.

  2. Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 at 11:27 am by Andy
    PlayStation Phone

    Is this the PlayStation phone?

    An online video showing what is claimed to be the PlayStation Phone has been published, refreshing media interest in this secretive Sony Ericsson project.

    The video was captured by a Greek insider and it now seems that the Sony Ericsson smartphone might ditch the PlayStation or PSP branding, in favour of a simpler, non-console related moniker. According to it will be known as the Sony Ericsson Z1.

    The video is decidedly lacking in hard, clear evidence that this is the same smartphone that appeared in leaked images last month, but it seems to have a large display that would be in keeping with the four inch screen of the rumoured handset.

    Some are now speculating that despite the lack of official specs or information, the Sony Ericsson Z1 could be launching in tandem with Android 2.3. That means it could be on the market as soon as the 9th of December.

    On the flip side, this poor quality footage could simply depict a clever fake or a forged handset which Asian manufacturers have created to benefit from the surge of interest in the PlayStation phone which has had audiences worldwide rapt.

    Check out the video yourself below:

  3. Posted on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 at 12:36 pm by Andy
    LG Star

    LG Star in the flesh

    An upcoming high end smartphone thought to be the LG Star has been captured on camera and shared with the online community.

    Like LG’s current glut of smartphones, it is running the Android operating system, although rumours suggest that it might launch with version 2.2 onboard, despite the fact that its early 2011 release will coincide with the arrival of version 2.3.

    The LG Star is thought to possess the fabled Tegra 2 processor, which has two physical cores and should be able to breeze through any task it is set. This includes swifter web browsing and full HD video playback at 1080p, which will work well on the LG Star, as it has an HDMI output.

    According to Phandroid, the LG Star will have a four inch touchscreen display and feature an augmented interface which uses some bespoke software on top of the standard Android layout. This is typical of current manufacturer tinkering trends and hopefully LG will update it to the latest version of Android as soon as possible.

    Despite the impressive specs of the LG Star, it is worth noting that once it arrives, it will not have long to get a foothold because rivals at Samsung are going to bring dual core processing power to mobiles at around the same time.

  4. Posted on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 at 10:00 am by Andy

    BlackBerry PlayBookThe upcoming BlackBerry Playbook hybrid tablet from Research in Motion (RIM) has had the price points of its various models revealed.

    Depending on the specs of the device, you can expect to pay between £250 to £380, although this has been gleaned from a direct translation of the price in dollars, so retail costs could be a little higher when it lands in the UK.

    Current reports suggest that the BlackBerry playbook will be launched in the UK next summer, with onboard storage largely defining the overall cost of the device. 8GB of space will be available on the most basic model, with this expanding incrementally up to 32GB on the top of the line edition, with hardware specs remaining consistent aside from this variation.

    The basic iPad with Wi-Fi connectivity onboard could be almost £100 dearer than the entry level BlackBerry Playbook, although with tax and import costs the gap will close a little. Even so RIM’s effort will hit the market in an appealing niche.

    It is worth remembering that Apple is likely to have launched the second generation of the iPad by the time the Playbook makes it to shelves in the UK, so the tablet market could be a very different place in a few months.

    BlackBerry PlayBook Deals

  5. Posted on Monday, November 29th, 2010 at 3:46 pm by Andy

    Nokia-X7-00Rumours surrounding the Nokia X7-00 are rife after a video popped up online showcasing an as yet unreleased handset bearing the Finnish firm’s branding.

    At the moment there has been no official confirmation that the phone featured in the video is going to be the X7, or even if Nokia is bringing it beyond prototype stage, but the device definitely fits in with the media and gaming focus of the previous X-series handsets.

    The X7 seems to use a four inch touchscreen display and the same cutting edge Symbian operating system found on the Nokia N8 and C7. Shots of the rear of the phone reveal an eight megapixel camera which will presumably shoot HD video capture, since this is a seemingly essential feature for any high end smartphone that wants to compete in terms of raw specs.

    The original source for the video was quickly removed once word had got out, but Mobile Bulgaria snatched a copy and reposted it for all to enjoy. It shows that the rumoured X7 will be able to handle Need for Speed without any apparent slowdown or stuttering, which will allow it to live up to its high-end promise.