Pics of LG Star emerge

Posted on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 at 12:36 pm by Andy
LG Star

LG Star in the flesh

An upcoming high end smartphone thought to be the LG Star has been captured on camera and shared with the online community.

Like LG’s current glut of smartphones, it is running the Android operating system, although rumours suggest that it might launch with version 2.2 onboard, despite the fact that its early 2011 release will coincide with the arrival of version 2.3.

The LG Star is thought to possess the fabled Tegra 2 processor, which has two physical cores and should be able to breeze through any task it is set. This includes swifter web browsing and full HD video playback at 1080p, which will work well on the LG Star, as it has an HDMI output.

According to Phandroid, the LG Star will have a four inch touchscreen display and feature an augmented interface which uses some bespoke software on top of the standard Android layout. This is typical of current manufacturer tinkering trends and hopefully LG will update it to the latest version of Android as soon as possible.

Despite the impressive specs of the LG Star, it is worth noting that once it arrives, it will not have long to get a foothold because rivals at Samsung are going to bring dual core processing power to mobiles at around the same time.