RIM announces BlackBerry Playbook prices

Posted on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 at 10:00 am by Andy

BlackBerry PlayBookThe upcoming BlackBerry Playbook hybrid tablet from Research in Motion (RIM) has had the price points of its various models revealed.

Depending on the specs of the device, you can expect to pay between £250 to £380, although this has been gleaned from a direct translation of the price in dollars, so retail costs could be a little higher when it lands in the UK.

Current reports suggest that the BlackBerry playbook will be launched in the UK next summer, with onboard storage largely defining the overall cost of the device. 8GB of space will be available on the most basic model, with this expanding incrementally up to 32GB on the top of the line edition, with hardware specs remaining consistent aside from this variation.

The basic iPad with Wi-Fi connectivity onboard could be almost £100 dearer than the entry level BlackBerry Playbook, although with tax and import costs the gap will close a little. Even so RIM’s effort will hit the market in an appealing niche.

It is worth remembering that Apple is likely to have launched the second generation of the iPad by the time the Playbook makes it to shelves in the UK, so the tablet market could be a very different place in a few months.

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