1. Posted on Thursday, December 9th, 2010 at 3:20 pm by Andy
    BlackBerry Torch 9800

    Coming with 3D screen soon?

    Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM), is apparently gearing up to bring 3D display and interface technology to BlackBerry handsets of the future.

    This is based on the news that RIM has acquired a Swedish firm called The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) which has a long history of working on 3D systems.

    TAT has already carried out extensive development of 3D that can be used in a handheld device like a smartphone, according to 3D TVWatcher, which would make it a key asset for RIM if it chooses to employ 3D tech in its BlackBerry range.

    The main issue which observers have noted is that most BlackBerry devices are aimed at business users and that this section of the market might not necessarily be interested in upgrading to aesthetically interesting but functionally unimportant 3D displays.

    Rival manufacturers including HTC and Apple are also rumoured to be working in partnership with 3D firms, in order to bring 3D displays to the mobile world, but since both have a history of making multimedia and gaming-focused handsets, this type of feature makes much more sense for them.

    RIM has made no comment on its intentions for its latest acquisition so only time will tell.