1. Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 7:58 pm by Andy
    Dell Venue Pro

    The new Dell Venue Pro

    The launch of the Dell Venue Pro has been much delayed but the Windows Phone 7 handset is finally available to buy in the UK this month.

    The Venue Pro will be hitting the market at a price point of £459 if you want to buy the SIM free version, which will put it into a competitive price bracket.

    With a 4.1 inch OLED display the Venue Pro should hold its own when it comes to media playback and browsing. It also has a slide-out portrait QWERTY keypad which is aimed at pleasing high-volume messaging fans and business users who want the reliability of a physical keypad to complete their work.

    Interestingly the Dell Venue Pro is actually hitting shelves at the same time as another keyboard-toting Windows Phone 7 handset, namely the HTC 7 Pro. HTC’s handset is a little cheaper, costing around £432 if you want to buy it outright.

    The HTC 7 Pro features a landscape QWERTY keypad which gives you a little more space for typing, but its other specs are a little less impressive, with a 3.6 inch display looking a little measly when compared with the OLED glory of the Venue Pro.

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