1. Posted on Monday, January 10th, 2011 at 10:54 am by Andy
    Acer Liquid Mini

    Acer Liquid Mini

    Acer is continuing its fight for recognition in the smartphone market with the launch of the Liquid Mini, a handset based on Android and possessing of a relatively dinky size which aims at winning it more of the mid range market share.

    The Acer Liquid Mini has a 3.2 inch touchscreen display which looks tiny when compared to the four inch behemoths at the more expensive end of the market. Android 2.2 runs onboard along with Acer’s tweaked user interface.

    Acer has made sure that the Liquid Mini looks similar to its larger sibling, so the convex curves on the top and bottom are chromed to add a premium feel and the whole thing seems to be put together with a lot of care.

    Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS connectivity all make an appearance, while you will also be able to share media with compatible televisions and computers thanks to its DNLA certification, although this is a feature which mainstream users may never use.

    With some healthy specs and a potentially affordable final price, the Acer Liquid Mini will be one to watch when it touches down at stores in the UK this April.

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