1. Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 at 1:54 pm by Andy
    iPhone 5

    iPhone 5 with NFC?

    Apple is allegedly implanting NFC (Near Field Communication) chips into the iPhone 5 and its tablet equivalent the iPad 2, in a move that will follow the trend set by Google with its Nexus S smartphone.

    This news has come from industry analyst, Richard Doherty, who told Bloomberg of Apple’s plans to make all future iPhones part of a growing family of NFC-enabled devices.

    This could pave the way for NFC’s mainstream success as the huge popularity of the iPhone range means that more and more people will be able to make contactless payments in shops across the globe, according to Mr Doherty.

    NFC will intermingle with an updated iTunes platform, which will make payments and purchases even easier than before, the analyst said.

    iPhone 5 owners could even earn points for using the NFC capabilities which could then be converted into extra downloads from the App Store.

    It is worth pointing out that although Mr Doherty is a respected source, it is possible that this information is incorrect and that the iPhone 5 will not be NFC compatible. However, this move would make sense from Apple’s point of view, as it means more of the user’s money would be flowing through its devices.