1. Posted on Monday, November 29th, 2010 at 3:46 pm by Andy

    Nokia-X7-00Rumours surrounding the Nokia X7-00 are rife after a video popped up online showcasing an as yet unreleased handset bearing the Finnish firm’s branding.

    At the moment there has been no official confirmation that the phone featured in the video is going to be the X7, or even if Nokia is bringing it beyond prototype stage, but the device definitely fits in with the media and gaming focus of the previous X-series handsets.

    The X7 seems to use a four inch touchscreen display and the same cutting edge Symbian operating system found on the Nokia N8 and C7. Shots of the rear of the phone reveal an eight megapixel camera which will presumably shoot HD video capture, since this is a seemingly essential feature for any high end smartphone that wants to compete in terms of raw specs.

    The original source for the video was quickly removed once word had got out, but Mobile Bulgaria snatched a copy and reposted it for all to enjoy. It shows that the rumoured X7 will be able to handle Need for Speed without any apparent slowdown or stuttering, which will allow it to live up to its high-end promise.