1. Posted on Monday, December 13th, 2010 at 12:21 pm by Andy

    Early tests of a prototype Sony Ericsson smartphone, which is likely to come bearing the PlayStation Portable branding, have found that it is no nippier than its contemporaries when it comes to gaming.

    The as yet unannounced PSP Phone was put through its paces via a benchmarking tool and then directly compared with the soon to be released Google Nexus S.

    PSP PhoneThe benchmarking tool discerned that the average frame rate attained by the PSP Phone was 24.4 frames per second, which compared poorly to the 55.6 fps achieved by the Nexus S.

    The biggest problem with this result is that while the Nexus S is not being marketed as any kind of gaming powerhouse, the PSP Phone is going to be directly targeted at an audience who would previously have chosen a standalone PSP, but are now being lured by the all-in-one smartphone solution.

    The specs of the final PSP Phone from Sony Ericsson have not been announced and so there could be improvements in the interim, but specs aside, it seems that the manufacturer needs to work hard and optimise the handset so that is not an irrelevance even before it is launched.